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My Webkinz

Hello.I wanted to tell you about something that's really neat.My Webkinz (they're the really neat thing). And my sister's webkinz too.Here are their names (in order that i got them):

Kelly, Joey-joe, Lilly, Kenna, Miley, Maddie, Ruby, and Bridget. And now here's my sister's webkinz (boy, this will take a while!)Treasure, Jamie.Ricky, Katie, Sckippy, Nikki, Dalmi, Rocky, Pudgy, and Phinnais.

And I have real pets, too. Chester is my black cat. He is three years old. He loves to play with me. And I feed him every day. Rocky is my golden retriever. He is very happy all the time. And this is all I had to say. Corrina


Anonymous said...

I know i wrote this for you, but good job!


Tony said...

hi corrina.. i love your blog and i love you!!! you rock kid!

love ya