Note book readers ;)



I love Nikki. She's awesome. So is my Golda siesta. She's typing for me. Today will the longest post ever. But back to the main subject, NIKKI!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I love Nikki so much. Oh, Nikki is my sister's webkinz chihuahua. She is so cute!! I wish she was mine. But she's mine! My Nikki! WHOOP! The world of Cassidy RULES! She is so weird sometimes. Cassidy, my older sister. She wrote that stuff in bold. She is very bold.Do you want to know something weird? My cat likes to sit on the fireplace. He's very hot when he gets off.For Christmas, I want a Nintendo D'S. Those are so cool.Today we made Christmas presents. My sister is very odd today. From Corrina. And back to Nikki. She's so CUTE! My sister's a cucumber. You're WEIRD!! Seriously, YOU are weird. Get your underpants here today is you call now and get TWO pairs instead of one! It's a double buy!

Love Corrina.


mommy said...

Nikki is cute, but you are cuter. Love, mommy :)

Cassidy said...

Hi. You are SOOO right there. Nikki is real cute.