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I enjoy ham. It is veer plea sent achoo poo poo. Katinka. Ha. Catatonic. My mother's address book has a flower. Back to the subject pencil dropped. Ham. I like ham. You like corn. Or, do you, that isn't a good question.My sister likes potatoes. Ignore the purr. Herr. Moose in all! I'm tall! Cheese pees! Heehaws! HAKKA! Aloha! To get invitations, visit the palace gardens, which have fallen. No not for nine cents! funny Chucks!Ash! Cass is not bald! I want a ball! AAA! Natala!Sputnik again! I like two lucks! I don't watch a patch of muck! I don't want a plumier! It's a fitful thing, napkin. Hack! Chuck in the muck! Chuck in the much!Run to the Lou!I need a garden of smellier!You're a coupon! What?Ahahaha!earphone! My favorite lunch is snack overs. If I didn't know Joe, I would have carried little BO and I would go do DA lo DA do. Pa.

from a can

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Princess Agent said...

Cass typed this post And mofed all the wordz i said!!!!LOL!!