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Life of a Girly Tween~ager!!!!

HI!!!! It'z ME again!!!! So thiz morning I woke up 2 the sound of God~zilla toyz,screaming,& crying!!!!! Typical!!!! I got up at only 8 in the morning!!!! 2 early!!!!! 2 night my family iz going 2 my churchez 3 in 1 program , {well technically a 4 in 1 since there R 2 VBS groupz} there iz the VBS agez 0~13,the bible study agez 18+, then therez the ol' Marage courze agez U guessed it MARIED!!!!! & I have 2 be in VBS for 7 weekz!!!! & there aren't many people in the Tween~ager'z group of kid'z, only Ozzy,Krista,My Couzinz Felicia & KK,& Cassidy ...... So U see the only decent people are Ozzy and KK......... 2 bad my friendz aren't comin', if Danielle & Mackenzie were comin' that would be A coplete different story!!!!!

WELL!!!!! =),TTYL!!!!!


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