Note book readers ;)



YO!! It'z ME!!! {again!!!} I can't believe that in 2 dayz it'z FINALLY the 4'Th o'july LOL!!!! And 2morrow is Daddy'z cook out!!!! Every year Daddy haz hiz cook out either on the 5'Th or on the 3'Rd o''z never been on the 4'Th 'cause my uncle Jon has his cook out at the lake he workz at!!!{EWW!!!!!!!!!!} the worzt part iz THEY DON"T HAVE ANY CHANGING ROOMZ!!!! so either you change in the ICKY "bath roomz",or your car with towellz draped over the windowz.So no one except Jonz kidz Hunter {ICK!!!} And jordie {weird} swim in the lake!!!! and they don't giv u food except trail mix and 5 week old fruit sallad!!!

WELL!!! =),TTYL!!!



Cassidy said...

Hard to underztand with all the zz replazing ze sz. Alzo, zat waz Mizz Ali'z idea, and I don't zink it'z legal to take it wizout permizzion. Zorry to break it to you, but ztill, ZO HARD TO UNDERZTAND!

Princess Agent said...

Yeah,you 2!!!!!=(