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Poor convergence????

YAY!!!! I don't need glassez I juzt have poor convergence!!! wich meanz I see double abought 8 inchez away from my face when normal people start seeing double about 3 inchez away!!! well , thatz not mozt exiting newz, 'cauze I have tonz!!!! 1'st thing on Saturday were going 2 the beach!!! 2'nd thing on Sunday I'm gonna visit my Aunt Vicki!!! 3'rd thing yesterday I went 2 a cook out !!!!! 4'th thing next week my friend lyssa {Alyssa}iz sleeping over !!!! And the 5'th thing iz that my friend bridgi {Bridghid} iz sleeping over!!!!!

WELL!!! =) TTYL!!!


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Cassidy said...

Convergence is a funny word.