Note book readers ;)


Tonight is KFC!!!!

  Not KFC as in chicken, KFC as in Kids-For-Christ, aka the thing at Lily's church.   I've got more stuff to talk about.   1 my Mommys' sick, keep her in your prayers!!! She has hives, all over her, pain all over her, and shes allergic to her hair dye!!!   In 4 days is Halloween, ya-hoo, SARCASM!!! My family doesn't celebrate it, BUT!! We are going to a costume party, at this lady at my churches house, and then were going to a football game!!! YAY!!! NONE SARCASM!!!! There actualy fun.



Cassidy said...

Smiles ;) :) =) X) :P :D :O :o :0 :() T_T" O_O *_* :> :E Comb for mouth

Katie said...

Cass, I only follow this blog for you and for you only.

Katie said...

P.S. Cass, comb for mouth should be changed into 'moustache'