Note book readers ;)



YAY!!!! Turkey day is here again!! Aren't you looking forward to Turkey, and stuffing, and potatoes, and cranberry sauce, and seeing family, and most important, PIE!!!!! My favorite kind of pie is either chocolate cream, pumpkin, or pecan. I like them all SOOO much!!! Yesterday I had a really good piece of pumpkin pie, they had it at a foot ball game. On Thursday & Friday we have thanksgiving, on Thursday we go to Grammy Ham's house, and watch the Macy's day parade. And on Friday we go to Grammy & Grampus's house. Two turkey days in a row!!!! yummy!!! Two whole days of Pie, turkey, and all that other good stuff!!!! Well!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Gotta go!!!!



↘Cassidy↙ said...

pwitty cuwows. (pretty colors)

Marg said...

This is a intersting blog!!! I reallt enjoyed reading all of your posts! I am now a new follower!!