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Hi, first post in 2011! It feels like every year goes bye faster and faster, and faster, and faster, and faster!! And all those other fasters!!! This year I finaly am turning 11!!! YAY!!!!!! But also, boo, I don't know why but I hate getting older! I don't want to turn 16!! Then I'll have to learn to drive, TO DRIVE!!! I can't even drive bumper cars. BUMPER CARS!!!! So you you think I'm looking forward to being 16?? The answer is NO!!!!!! Well, your probably "OH! Don't wory! you'll be fine by the time your 16!". Or "She can't be all THAT bad! Right?!?!". Well, the truth is, I am! I already got into my first car accident!! (I am not even 11 yet!). Yup! Those good ol' go carts! well, gotta go!!


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↘Cassidy↙ said...

yeah you really rock those bumper cars. driving miss dizzy. that there is a quote from saved by the bell.