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My church friends

Helloooooooooo! Today is Sunday so, being a religious woman i went to church. And we learned about 'Daniel and the lions den', Very interesting lesson, if i do say so my self (which i do). After church was just hang out time, and Me, Cassidy, and my friend Krista, were hanging out together. We are REALLY weird!! So we played in the snow for a while, talked in the youth room, and listened to  music. And then my mom asked if we would like to invite Krista over for dinner, and naturally i said YES! So right now she is heading over! Hope her parents can find their  way here, because i live in the middle of no where and Alyssa's mom ALWAYS drives past here! 
Today i made a cake and a salad!!!!!!
Oh, it's time to switch topics! Alyssa, i asked my mommy if you could come over in to weeks, it would have been next, but Aidan's B-day party is then so, you can't come over :( BOO HOO!  i'll give you the details on that matter. My daddy just checked the foot ball score, the pats lost last game BOO!! :( Frowny face! Oh well, we still go to the foot ball game at my Uncle Haiys house. Fun fun! WeEEE! WEll, i gotsta go!!!

Peace, love, gliter, earings, nail polish, purple, orange, gray, neon, glow in the dark, laptop, make-up, eye liner, lipgloss, blush, maskara, Taylor swift CD's, speak now, fearless, and all my other favorite things!!

Corrina <3<3 

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