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As sad as it is, no one was raptured

   I was correct, and all you who agreed with me, no one is gone. We are all still here. Even all the christians. Gosh, when will this guy give up? Well, me and one of my friends, Alicia, had a whole conversation on Sunday, at our dance recital.

The recital went really good! I messed up only twice! My parents and Cassidy liked my lyrical one best, me too. It was easier, i'll try to post pics of my costumes. It turns out, i like them both allot, even if the yellow one makes me look like a lemon fairy. I'll do that if i can. After the recital we went to Friendlys'!!! YUMMMMM! It's a tradition. After all my dance recitals, for four years. Well, i gotsta go! Bye!

All my luv,


Corrina <3<3


↘Cassidy↙ said... harrison would've loved to see your dance. too bad he's...dead.

Jessica said...

I would love too see.... DANCING!!!!