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The count down!

  Hi! So i've been doing an un-official count down till we leave, so now it's official! 9 days until victory! Today we FINALLY brought down summer clothes! It's June 25'th and we are just starting to wear spring clothes! Anyways Cassidy has my Japanese dance song stuck in her head, and i NEVER want to either hear that song or do the dance ever again! I liked my one for Italy better. This morning i just watched my dance videos that Cass made. It looked like we skipped a part though..... Since we did! In our Italian one they cut out about most of our dance, that knocked us off a lil bit! Oh, and a message for Twac, those ideas would NOT entertain my brothers.... But, Casey will talk the entire trip while I'M listening to MY Mp3 player/watching videos on my Mp3 player/watching our TV in the van/sleeping/looking at pics on my Mp3 player/eating/more sleeping. So, i'll be pre-occupied. No matter HOW much i HATE being in enclosed spaces for long periods of time.... Bye all!

All my luv,


Corrina <3<3


Cliona said...

Hey, is it not May 25th? In Ireland it is. Where do you live?

Anonymous said...

I wish I could go to Florida!!!

↘Cassidy↙ said...

Hahahahahaha! Funny post corrina, i luv you :)

Be said...

LOL. Thanks for checking out my blog and following. Following yours back now ;)