Note book readers ;)


Ok, facebook up and loaded!

  Hi everyone, i've been facebooking like for ten minutes today! Normally i can't stay in one place for that long! But yeah, i chatted with my shopping buddy Amber, who is going to college in New Port Rhode Island. So yeah, i learned how to do that heart thing <3 it works on facebook..... apparently my time is also limited on there, well, it counts as screen time, we get an hour and a half. but tomorrow is Friday (weekend in our time) so i get unlimited!!!!!!!!!! Yay! Do i say yay to often??? Oh well!

  Last night we went to my parents Bible study, me and Cass go there to hang with our cousins and Ozzy and morgan. So ozzy is my facebookin' friend now, he was on his Itouch the ENTIRE time. well, gotta go!

All my luv,


Corrina <3<3

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