Note book readers ;)


Sleep over at the Sheesh and KK's!!!!!!!!!!!

  Hi hi, i'm bore and tired and have a sleepover tonight! yay! it's been an hour since i've done something productive :p Tomorrow i go to Canobie lake with Sheesh and KK, my cousins!! yay, here's my post card to u:

Wish u were here <3 luv u!!!!!!!!!!

K, that's done, yesterday i went shopping at Savers and bought a pair of dark skinnys and a T-shirt with a bunch of music notes on it <3 it's amazing!!!! Is it strange that i only have one pigtail????? well i do, the other side is loose, :p! blah! ok, now im bored again..................  utter boredom.............. blahblahblah, blarg! yup, i said blarg! k, i am gonna go now <3 y'all....

All luv,


Corrina <3 <3


Loulou said...

Hope you have fun! I am off to a sleepover of my own, so yeah, we will see each other in the land of sleepovers!!! <3

shannon said...

I LOVE canobie lake park. you should go on the bigest roller coaster there! :D

ALYSSA said...

sorry i havent read your blog in a while :(.......but your so lucky 2b able to go there....omg guess what....well im just gonna tell you were going on vacation for the first time in such a long time!!!!