Note book readers ;)



  Okay, so i've been on facebook practically ALL day, sad. I am really bored! when i was so bored i couldn't stand it i ate some pice and drank some apple spice tea. Earlier me and cassidy took a walk before she deserted me to go out to lunch with the mother. Sigh. Anyways, tomorrow i start school, oh what a bore! sorry i'm being a downer but it's school!

  Zebras are beautiful, i now have an entire zebra family in my room! YAY! I have my zebra picture, Marcia. I have my tiny plastic zebra, Marg. I have a beanie zebra, Martin. And my favorite zebra of all, MARV!!!! Yeah, they live in my room. See i'm so bored i'm talking about how many zebras i have in my room see i'm crazy!!! HHAhaHAhHhaHhHAhHaHHaAAAAAAAAAAAH! i need a life..... SOMEONE CALL ME!!!!!!!!!! I'M SO BORED!!!! PLEASE!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

All luv and boredom and kisses,


Corrina <3 <3 i luv u all SO much someone keep me from going out of my MIND!!! 


shannon said...

I hope your bordom passes :)

Loulou said...

Haha I hope you dont stay bored for too long!