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New design in honor of the christmas season

   Yes, i did change it up for Christmas :) i did make the header, not the template though... I wanted my header to be bigger, but if i wanted it bigger half of it would go white so.... You understand why it's small, right? So i am all happy i time for Christmas and stuff, so i will only add one picture later...
 I love Christmas time :) It makes me SOOO happy to see wrapping paper strips all over the house, or pieces of bow or ribbon everywhere... It's all so wonderful :)

   Today i finished wrapping gifts, i bought more presents this year than ever before! I don't know why, something compelled me to buy for ALL the cousins on my mom's side and make some presents for the aunts on dad's side... I can't tell you what they are because I'm pretty sure one of my aunts reads my blog...  Hi aunty Terry!!!! Love you! I'm being considerate by not telling you what we made you, but you'll like it <3

   Yeah... My dad is listening to  very loud Christmas music downstairs... It would be fine if he listened to normal Christmas music... But no, he downloads his own of some music blog... He even got the Brady Bunch Christmas CD! Gosh, i mean who gets that? Really? I'm being mean... Sorry Daddy, I'm still your favorite daughter, right???

   Anyway, now i will post my Christmas picture:
This is the front of my Christmas card i wrote you guys (right)

Yeah, so Merry Christmas!!!

Merry Christmas & a Happy New Year!!!

Corrina <3 <3

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