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iPad post :)

So,my dad has an iPad, ya know and he let's me use it sometimes to text my friends and stuff... So I do have permission, which is not stealing!!! This thing has allot of cool things to do on it! You can play games, watch movies, read books, text. You can do anything on here! And it does not have tiny little keys like phones and stuff, I can type like on a normal computer! It's really cool :)

So, later me and my sister cassidy are sleeping over my BFF Danielle's house <3 were going to make cupcakes and do all sorts of girly things that we do. I love my friends so much.

Did anyone see extreme makeover home edition last night??? It was so sad, the lady couldn't see and she had six kids to take care of... It was just so sad :'( I didn't see the ending though me and cassidy had to go to bed, but it was just heart breaking... It makes me feel so horrible that I have a wonderful life with only a few glitches, 2 sisters and 2 brothers and 2 amazing parents... I wish everyone had a life like mine...

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Corrina <3<3

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shannon said...

Nice! Ipads are so cool!