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uh, presidents day??? are you sure it's a real holiday???

   So, as like everyone knows.... IT'S PRESIDENTS DAY!!!! It's cool that we get the day off, and stuff... But, i don't think it is a real holiday.  Febuary is pretty much the 'made up holiday' month. 

   Starting off the list of made-up holidays is groundhogs day...  I mean really??? a day, for groundhogs? I bet all those groundhogs out there in pensyllvania are leaping for joy because they have a holiday! It does, however, has a sligh purpose. To determine whether or not we get 6 more weeks of winter if he sees his shadow...  IT'S THE DAY TIME! of course he's gonna see his shadow! It's simple science people!

   Number two:  Valentines day.  I personally don't understand why this holiday is here.  You can love people on any other day of the year, ya know!  For kids it's okay, passing out valentine's, getting candy, you know.  But when you hit around my age, you just sit there feeling awkward seeing your older sister come home with flowers from people at her school.  And there i  am being lonely all over the place!

   And number three:  President's day.  This one at least makes more sense than the other ones.  But, you could just have Abe and George's birthdays back.   But no! We want to combine both days into one!  The thought of it disgusts me! Almost as much as smooth peanut butter and oatmeal.  Ugh... oatmeal!

All luv,

Corrina <3 <3


Anonymous said...

Funny post. I agree, except I love Valentine's Day!
Although I have never been given flowers or chocolate, I think its sweet.
I went to a store that day and it was so heart-melting that the young and old men where buying balloons and bouquets for their sweet hearts.:)

Romantic at heart,

Have great, though strangely-placed and oddly-made holidays, peoples!

Corrina said...

hahaha, thx becckyyy <3 luv ya gurlll