Note book readers ;)


2 hourz Apple picking, 3 hour football game, and 20 minutz doing our nailz!!!!

So, yesterday our church went apple picking. It waz so much fun!!! I went with my mom and dad, Cassidy, Aidan and Casey, and my friend Mackenzie. The rest of the church went alone. Then we had a foot ball game, and the kidz, Me, Ozzy, Felicia, zach, Abby, Lilia, and Leasha played an awesome game!!! You see the older kidz, me, ozzy, felicia, and zach captured the little kidz. It waz awesome!!!! And also yesterday i got a medicure and a pedicure, and it lookz awesome!!! Well, Soz gotta go!!

Peace, luv, and smilez!!!


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