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Fall is here contest!!

Welcome to the very first Fall is here contest!!!! so all YOU the citesenz of the blog world and The USA have to do is tell ME Corrina, here at the magical world of corrina the top 10 thingz most people like to do in fall, and answer this question.So here it iz:

If a daughter of a grandfather shared a room with a son of a grandmother how?

posible answers:

A: they were brother & sister

B: they were maried

C: I forgot!

So, if you know the answer, then send your answer here at the magical world of corrina and also, remember to send the top 10 thingz people LOVE to do in fall! So go ahead and put in your answer right NOW!!!! So bye now!!!

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1 comment:

Anonymous said...

A they were brother and sister! I know i'm right i just know it!!!