Note book readers ;)


you see, i've been wearing this hat....

I've been wearing this hat for like, a really loooong time, i think like um, 3 days. No breaks, Weird huh?!?!? (Hey Cassidy, i can spell weird! i'm so spudecial!!) Guess what! nope, keep guessing, no! that's not it either! Ha ha! you'll NEVER guess, so i'll tell you! My B-day is on April 24! (Easter Sunday!) Cool right!?!?!?!?!???!?! :*) I'm still wearing this hat, i've like been wearing it this whole time! i bet you thought i toook it of huh! Well, i didn't! HAAA! i fooled you!! Like they say, 2 birds in a meal, are worth 25 in your stir-fry!  ANd that was today's random fact! ANd remember, to remember, to remember! And stop confusing me! Gosh! Now it's my turn to confuse you! If you want to go shopping on Thursday instead of going to skool, raise your hand. Now if you raised your hand, raise your hand. now if you raised your hand the first time raise your hand, but if you didn't, stick your tongue in your mouth WHILE raising your hand. But if you  didn't raised your hand the second time, jump around in a circle, WHILE sticking your tongue in your mouth, WHILE raising your hand. If you think Corrina is awesome, raise your hand, jump around in circles, stick your tongue in your mouth, eat all your dinner before dinner time, play in a brass band, click your heals together, AND call me! Now are you confused?!? If your not confused enough, say that out loud in your parents room, on a Thursday when your going shopping. NOW are confused enough?  GOOD since that took a lot of time and effort to think that up! How dare you not be able to under stand that! Oh well, good bye!!!

Peace, love, and all that other stuff!


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I AM SO CONFUSED!!!!!!!!!!!!