Note book readers ;)


Change of plans

   Hi, again! So as i told you today, i was possibly going to sleep over my friend Abby's house tonight. But we had to change it to Thursday, after the relistate lady comes over. Oh, well i still get to sleep over!

   I just watched the Beatles movie hard days night, it's pretty funny! I already watched it one and a half times, but it's still funny! So,,, i can't wait until Thursday!!!!! As i had mentioned before, i've never slept over Abby's house before!!! So this is like my like 83'rd sleep over!!! Cool!

   Sooooo, i just ate lunch, i had a quesidla, it was gooddd. YUUUMMMY! Well, gotta go!

Peace, luv, and happy 83'rd!!!

Corrina <3<3