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    So today i'm gonna skip the whole 'hi' thing and get right to the point. And here's the point, i might be sleeping over my friend Abby's house! YAY, my first sleep over there!  And this is a different Abby then from Abby road, the blog. She is a friend though, i've slept over her house.

    People, hows it goin'? Did you go to a presidents day sale yesterday? I did, but i already posted about that... So, on Thursday we will put our house on the market, so if anyone wants a house in the middle of no-where then come on down!!!!!!

   Another reminder about the contest! SIGN UP!! Okey dokey?!?!?! Yup, well, gotta go waste some more February vacation! Bye!

Peace, luv, and sleep overs!!!!

Corrina <3<3

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