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Corrina is.....

   I am Corrina, and Corrina is me. Newcomers, this post is to reassure you, that i am not a robot or like anything..... Well, this is Saturday, at 8:01 am, on my lap-top, tired...

   Yesterday we looked at a green house, in CENSORED, we just LUUUUV it! It has four bed rooms, i don't get my own room though. But me and Cass, will get the BIGGEST room in the house!! OMP! It is SOOOO coool! We need to paint or take down the wall paper though... Me and Cassidy are going to paint it purple, electric blue, and black for a chalk board wall! Cool, huh?!?

  I haven't done a random fact in a while, so here it tis;  I like pineapple! And that t'was today's rando-pando fact!

   Yeah,,, P. mike i like doing awards to, so if i ever do one, will you help me? YAY! Thanks! If you didn't say yes, then you're just mean! you can help Casssidy but not me??? I'm WAAAY awesomer then her! You've gotta admit that! Okey doke, later!

   Peace, luv, and, uhhhhhhhhhhhhhhhh? Fries?????

Corrina <3<3

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