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An exiting anouncment

  Welcome! Come one come all, to the extravagant Blog food fest!!!! So this thing is a challenge to all my followers who LUV food! This is a contest to see who can do the best blog post about food.

  So here are the rules of the contest ;
  1. You must do a post about food.
  2. You must put a picture of food on your post/sidebar.
  3. You can only pick one certain genre of food ( fried food, desserts, ex).
  4. Before you enter, you must tell me, or else how will i know to check out your blog.
  5. You can't mix topics, if you do i will not nominate you.
  6. If you don't follow your own blog give me your blog address on your comment.
   You got it? Good, you have one week to do this. So one week from, February twentieth, 3:23 pm, on Sunday. So you have until, February twenty seventh, 3:23 pm, on Sunday. On that date i will check out the people who commented posts, and pick the top two i like and then chose a winner.

  So, hope you do good posts!!!! Gotta go!!

Peace, luv, and food!!

Corrina <3<3

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