Note book readers ;)


February vacation, sad isn't it?

  Hi, i am sad this morning. Our mice died, from cold! Mom and dad hated the smell so much they put them in the garage aNd they froze!!!!!!!!! UGGGHHHHH!

  Well, at least we are going to a presidents sale... My parents though did refund our money, we each got 15 bucks, plus the 7 that i had saved up, AND my 3.50 alounce! So that all adds up to 25.50!!! Yay! So much money to be spending on a 50% off sale!

  Weeeell, gottsta go!

Peace, luv, and money!

Corrina <3<3


Jessica said...

I a soooooo sorry for the loss.(tears, tear tear tear...)

shannon said...

ohhh...I'm so sorry about your mice Corrina...