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Single ladys do have pride

   Hi there! Corrina again, who else would be posting on her blog?
Well, another Valentines day, and i'm fine. I did get a box of chocolate, from my dad, and a pair of really cute shoes, from my mom. Well i got my chocolate fix, and my shoe fix for the day. 
  All you girls, and chick who impersonates Adam Lambert, who don't do anything on Valentines day but complain 'cause you don't have dates, SNAP OUT OF IT!!!!!!!!!!! I don't have a date, but i ain't complainin'! Well, it's sort of different i  my case, Because i've never had "My gut's ripped out by love!", Well that's 'cause i'm like not in public school, don't like the so called "opposite gender", and the closest thing to a boy friend i've EVER had was a friend who was a boy. Even though i'm not experienced, i've been proposed to...... Yeah. HA HA! HUI HUM!! COUGH COUGH!!!!!!!!!!!! Weeell bye!

Peace, luv, and chocolate hearts!!



shannon said...


Tony said...

who proposed to you...

who is this person.. i will find him.. hahahaha

love ya kiddo.. mm chocolate

Mike Brown said...

Your dad didn't give me any chocolate.