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A new blog.

  Hi guys! As some of you know i have quite a few blogs, and i just got another one! And this one i do know the URL, so here 'tis;

   It's pretty cooool! It's about my life as a christian, it may seem boring but it is something i really want you to check out!

   Yeah, in other news: My family is almost definitely moving, My mom is painting the kitchen AGAIN, and my mice, Jonny bravo, and Senor Cardgage we have to sell before we move ): So Shannon, if you guys want them please give us a call there free! And BTW, my mom is making us do this so don't blame me!!!

 SOOOOO, anyone who knows me gimme a call, Kay?  WEEEEEEEEEEEEELLLLL, See ya!

 Peace, luv, and remember! <3


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shannon said...

Corrina, I'll ask my Mom.
I'm glad you guys might be closer to us!