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A VERY exiting day ahead of me

  Hi there, today is Wednsday, and i, Corrina, am going to have a very exiting day! I'm going to first go to ice skating, then to writing club thingy, and last but not least, COCO KEY!!!! Huray!!!! I've never been there in my whole life!! HUZAHHHHHHHH!

   Yup, i'm exited... Hopefully i can fit into my bathing suit, i'm getting bigger and bigger, and cassidy is getting skinnyer and skinnyer!!!!!! Why? I DON"T KNOW! She is older then me, she should be getting bigger and bigger! Not me, i am just the little sister of a cassidy!!!!!!!!! HUGA-LACKA! PHOOEY! PATOOEY!

  SOZ! She is just so cassidy like.... And it buggs my brain cells! Oh, BTW, my mom and dad finnished painting the kitchen. It is now BROWN and TAN! It looks to me like a coffee shop! Yup, the joy of moving, you have to make everything "Nutral", wich means lots of browns and tans, so now we have a tan house! POOPY!

  Yeah, i don't think cassidy's up yet, but it's 8:06 am. She should be up by now, we are supposed to be up by 8:00, i was up by 7:00 this morning. WOWZERZ! I NEVER get up that early. Well, i H-A-T-E the alarm! It has this beeping noise, it goes BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! BEEP! And it goes of until someone turns it off!

  Well, i do believe Cassidys up so, good bye!


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