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Capri's and the bang

  Hi, this is me. Today is not officially spring yet, but i don't care i am wearing Capri's whether you like it or not! My bang, not bangs bang, will not get out of my face! It's so **** anoyin'! I can't stand it!!!!!! I keep tucking it behind my ear, but NO it doesn't like that! I don't have any barets, it's to short to put into a pony tail, and i can NOT do the hair flip every two and a half seconds to keep it out of my face!!! Sigh.

  Well, anyways. Yesterday i went over my friend Lily's house. We went on her trampoline, and her next door neighbors. Her neighbor's cool, she has a really big trampoline! It's like AWESOME!!!!!!

  Tomorrow we have a showing of the house, yeah... It's almost SPRING BREAK!!!!!!!!!!!!! Sort of... Me, Cass, and my cousins Felicia and Kaylyn are going to see the new "Diary of a wimpy kid" It looks like totally awesome! YAYAYYAYAYAYYAyAYAYAYYAYyayYYyyaYYAyaYayyayYayYYayYYYAyaYAyYYAyaa!

Peace, luv, and YAyYAAYAayYYAyayyayyayaaaAAYAYYAyaaYYyayAYyyayYAYyaYA

Corrina <3<3

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Mike Brown said...

I know it's not spring, but I was excited to hear birds chirping this morning.