Note book readers ;)



 Yes, i said sushi. I tried some today, it was actually pretty good. And it was NOT dead fish! My mom is a vegetarian, and she gave it to me. They were California rolls. Yummy!

  For those of you who were wondering, we did the buffet!!!!!!!!!!! I ate all my food, surprise, surprise, surprise! I still have my hair extension in. It's shiny!!!!!!! Yayayayayayayayay! If you click on this link you'll end up right back here! So click it, click it, click it! If you don't click it i'll make you click this one if you don't click that you should click this one . If you don't click that one you'll have to click this one and the rest of my blogs i don't know the URL to. So just click those ones, and follow!!!!!! Simple!

Peace, luv,

Corrina <3<3

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