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  HI!!! This is Corrina!!! I am very, very, very, VERY happy today!!!! BOO-YAH! I am only 2 away from 20 followers!!!! OMPPPPPP!!! Thx, Jen!!! I have purple pants, they're awesome!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! I luuuuuuv your blog! It is about PANTS! Well, not all about pants, but you know what i mean!! Your friend, Marg, was like one of my first followers, or something.

   Today, as you all should know, it is Sunday. And i am at my cousins house! Me and my cousin Kaylyn did make-overs!!! I would post a pic, but she is eight and can't show faces, as well as me! Cass and Felicia are playing video games, as usual. BORING! Video games are not my forte.Tonight is my Grumpa's (Grampa's) b-day, so we are all (My family, Felicia and Kaylyn's,  my other cousins, and Grammy and Grumpa) going out for din din at a Chinese place!!! YUMMY! I hope we get to do the buffet. Yummmmmmmmmmmy!

  Kaylyn says HI!!!! But it sounds like "Hui!" 'cause she got a life-savor in her mouth!!! So, i gotsta gooooo!

Peace, luv, KK says Hui, and thx Jen!!!

Corrina <3<3


Jen in the Purple Pants said...

No problem!!!! I love your blog!!!
And video games are so not my forte either!!

Tony said...

chinese food was yum yum.. oh man.. the buffet!!!! so tasty.. i love you Corrina.. my purple and chocolate girl..