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The pinkness in my hair could light up my neighborhood!

  Hi all you people on their computers and other electronic gadgets! Today was the bake sale, and we made $275.00!!! YAY!

   You probably guessed from the title that i have pink hair. Well, sort of. I have a pink STREAK in my hair. And it also has purple and white in it. It's a hair extension! But it's like REALLY big! I got it at Clairs today when we got Cass's ear done again. I also got a really cute head band, it's a pink and black silk bow, on a pink silk head band. I also got a tiny pink hair extension. Now i have pretty hair color!!!!

  Cass looks like a dork in her new glasses! Ha ha ha! They're those really big and weird looking ones. She thinks they look cool, i like mine better though. Mine are rainbow, and i also have a blue pair. Hers are black. BORING!!!!!!!!!!!

  So, luv y'all!!!

Peace, luv, and xoxoxox

Corrina <3<3

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Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Your pink hair sounds so cool!!! Colorful hairstreaks are awesome!!!
Congrats on your bake sale profits!!!
Thank you for commenting and following my blog!!! It made my day!!! :D
I love your blog and I'm following you now!!! Purple and chocolate are the best things ever!!! :D