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Mom is useing Cassidys Ipod???

   Okay, so my mom is getting REALLY anoyed with the little bros, so she tried to listen to Cass's Ipod. Yeah, poeple have a tendancy to take her musical players. Well, only my family, of course! No weirdo is going to use my sisters ear phones! No way, they will get the fudge kicked out of them! Litaraly. So, her first one broke, her second one my daddy took, and her third one got lightening fried, and here we are today with her forth one, got a crack, but still going strong! But my mom took it....

  Anyways, my brothers took my journal some how out of my room, and they drew in it!!!!! OMP! NO NO NO!! THAT CONTAINS MY PERSONAL THOUGHTS AND DREAMS! AHHHHH! Another OMP!!! Torcher! It could be worse though, they could know how to read....

  Well, at least it's Friday, yay! Tonight is Super Nanny! Like one of my favorite shows! My mom likes it 'cause she says that some parents are worse of then she is. Which i do believe, since she's the BEST mom in the whole entire universe!!! No ofence to all you mom's who are reading this. I'm truly sory! But i believe it's true...

  Tomorow is the bake sale to support the missions trip to Ireland! I'd tell you where it is, but for safety reasons i'd rather not. But i'll tell you what we are making, Chocolate bunnys and teddy bears on sticks, and chocolate turtles, and rice krispy treats, and all the chocolate things (except the turtles) Come in three different types of chocolate! Milk, dark, and white!!! Yummy yum yummy!

  Something i want you guys to pray for today, this little girl, Leasha, she is sick in the hospital with a really bad  flue. Please ask God to touch her. My mom is making their family some din din tonight.


Peace, luv, wish us luck on the bake sale, pray for Leasha, and watch super nanny!

Corrina <3 <3

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