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A blog post from the library!!!

  Hey guys! This is Corrina, again! And today is Thursday, and i'm at the library blog posting! It's my first library post ever!!!!

   One day closer t SPRING! And i'm psyched! Exited to, anyways, another reminder to look at another one of my blogs; . So please look at it!! This month i'm doing different books of the bible! We are on Job now, i am only doing one story from each book. I'm did the prologue of Job.

  Today at co-op we had to be in teams, i was stuck with PPT (perforated pie tin) Cal, and Anna. We had to do a fake news report on some painting. We came up with me being the city leader of Taco ville Ohio, and our town didn't have a budget so we made one. End of my town leader ship. Well, at least we weren't looking like total idiots! Ish. Yeah, we did.... Well, at least we didn't do ours on squeevles, or animal rights like the other groups did. There were 4 groups, and all of them except us did animal rights. We did budget.

  Well, g2g!!!

Peace, luv, and squeevles!

Corrina <3<3

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Mike Brown said...

Seems like you had a good time. Read anything good at the library?