Note book readers ;)


7 things you should NEVER loose

Okay, so this is another list post, but it is VERY important!

  1. Your parents phone number (not cell phone number).
  2. Your sisters birthday (i have MANY times before).
  3. Your purse (done it).
  4. Birth certificate on a road trip to Canada (My mother did).
  5. Your little cousin (did this in Vermont! Painful).
  6. Your ipod/cell phone (i have a tendency to loose things, okay?).
  7. Blog URL's (i am the culprit again! I need BLINGLICIOs's URL, again!).
And i have done ALL of these things, that is kinda odd. But then again, i'm like, me, and what can you expect??????

Well, luv you all to the brim!


Corrina <3<3



haha you always have a way of making me laugh!:) haha it's

haha have an awesome day!

↘Cassidy↙ said...

well, er, let's see, since i have left my mp3 outside in a rainstorm, i am also a culprit. F--

♥Strawberry Cait Sundae♥ said...

I've always forgotten my sis's bday.
One time when she came into my room and said 'Guess what day is it?'
I said it was Valentines day no big deal.
She got so angry cuz it was also her b'day.
Woah. You lost ur birth certificate?!