Note book readers ;)


Can this posibly be true?????

   OMP! This is like unbelievable! BLINGLICIOs? Is that really YOU???? OK, this was definitely a shocker, where did you go?? You like dropped off the face of the earth for a year and a half. No offense, right?? Anyways, now i guess i have 21 followers, odd isn't it? OWWW! My feet kinda hurt allot! The reason is me and my brothers and my dad went to the playground, and i kinda forgot to wear shoes so i stepped all over the wood chips and.... You get the picture! Only 13 more days until my birthday!!!!! YEAH!!!!!  luv birthdays, they're so, birthday-ish??? OK, i'll go with that. Another thing i have to say to BLINGLICIOs, you might have noticed ALLOT of changes, 'cause i'm definitely NOT the same person i was 1 and a half years ago. Similar, not the same though. So, expect more well, ya know, me-ness. So, i will not be using Z's for S's, no more TTYL's and all that stuff. That was me 1 and a half years ago. So, expect more Zebra's, George Harrison (<3<3), and all that other good stuff! so, thanks for stopping by, but if you don't like who i am, you can stop following, if you want.

Luv you all!!!




↘Cassidy↙ said...

yes. it can.

Miss Electro Sparkle said...

Kool blog post!
Oh and to your comments on my blog
LOL XD Yes I know what you mean
Plus it's fine ;) I was inviting my friends over and said if they would like to watch Coraline or not and they were like 'WAH! NO WAY! TOO CREEPY!'
I was like ...Oh, ok. That's fine. The book is pretty good though.
Thanks for da advice! Yeah it's probrably not a good idea.


P.s I kind of forgot how I knew your blog


haha YES ITS ME! I will DEFINATELY make a birthday post for you! And I really don't know what happned, I guess I just didn't have enough time to blog anymore...:( But then I started missing it so HERE I AM! I was reading through my previous posts and WOW whats with all the Z's on my blog? You'd think i didn't know how to use the letter S! Will comment again soon!