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An awkward day

   So, hi once again i return to the wonderful world of my thoughts and dreams. Today, as you know i'm christian and go to church. So i went to church, and we had to switch classes for some reason. I am now in the middle school group instead of kids church. Yeah, Tom (the teacher) rambled at us. So that was pretty awkward......

   Anyways, i want to say hi to everyone in blogger land. fun, fun, fun. in other news, my birthday is in 22 days! YAYAYAY! i'm finally going to be eleven! YEEEEEEEEEEESSSSSSS!

wellll,, byeaaa!

Luv luv luv!

Corrina <3<3


Aoife. said...

Hiya! Just in relation to your comment on my blog, I'm not gay. I was just using the term "girl crushes" to describe how much I love the singers. Hope I cleared that up :)

↘Cassidy↙ said...

allo. yea-low. yea-low submarine, ah-ha!