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One more to go

  Some of you might not know my new years resolution. So, here be it; to get 20 followers. Yes, that was my only one. You have NO idea what it's like to have an older sister who has 65 followers, and you only have 19. IT'S TOUCHER!!!! So, in my blogger days i woulda had 20 followers by now, but one of them dropped off the face of the Earth....... You get the picture! So, all y'all know that the "Easter Bunny" isn't real, right? Well, he's NOT! Even my 4 year old brother knows that! So my mom and dad don't bother hiding the jelly beans and stuff. So since it is my birthday i requested Jelly-bellies. So there they are, sitting there one a shelf in my kitchen taunting me! sigh. Oh, those jelly-bellies so wonderful, so magical....... AGGGGHHHHH! I CAN'T TAKE IT ANY MORE!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Okay, i'm done. They do hide the chocolate bunny's, though. So i can't see if they bought me a Lindt chocolate bunny. Yeah, since it's my b-day i can milk it if i want to! Have a problem with that sherlock? I didn't think so.  Weeeeeellllll, adios!!

Luv you, luv you, luv you!!!!!!!!!!

Corrina <3<3 ;);)

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