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  The title might just be a bit odd, but really that's what i am. I don't mind being this, i actually, like it. No ones begging on their knees to be near me, no one really even knows who i am. Yeah, why i say this is because in church last week, since we switched classes, we had to introduce ourselvesBut i didn't introduce myself, Ozzy did. We kinda lost contact, so he went by what i was like two years ago! "Her name is Corrina, and she likes TV, video games, and slippers." Is what he said. Back it up, back it up! Did he say "Video games"???? Yeah, NO. Well, anyways i'm loosing my point. My point is i don't care if i'm boring, or lame, or unnoticed. Because that's the way i am, and you can't change me. Alot of poeple i like and want to be like are unnoticed. I like George Harrison, he's not noticed at all! Every one likes Paul and John, and Ringo has a cool name. Where does George come in? He's the baby of the group who nobody notices. And that's why i like him, he doesn't HAVE to be noticed to like who he is, just like me. And no one, not even my best friend in the world, or my parents, or teachers, or ANYONE can change me. Because i'm me, the person God made me. And this is all i ever will be.

Luv you, and always will, because that's who i am.


Corrina <3 <3

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↘Cassidy↙ said...

wait, you're unnoticed? hm, hadn't noticed.

anyways, when was someone gonna tell me the ringo had a cool name? i miss EVERYTHING around here!