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Birthday party!!!

  Hiya! My b-day is in 5 days, but i'm having my party today!!! Well, not exactly a 'party' i invited 4 people, one of them is sick (poor Lily) and the others phone is disconnected (i still luv you Abby). But my best friend EVER and her sister are coming!! Brighid, my bestie! And Shannon, my not-so bestie she has a blog,  found here yeah, it's pretty weird. Their brother called this morning to ask if we new where his family was. We don't. Weeeell, adios all y'all!!!! <3 and SOZ to ALYSSA for not inviting u, we haven't been in touch! I would, but i'm sooooo sorry!!!!!!!!!!

Luv ya!


Corrina <3<3


ALYSSA said...

oh ok its fine :(

Jen Eat World said...

Sounds fun!! Have a great b-day!!

Jessica said...

Happy before Birthday!!!