Note book readers ;)


Her internet is down!!!

  AHHHH! This is why she hasn't been posting! My friend, Alyssa, she hasn't been blogging lately becase, apparently her internet is down! If you want to visit her click here to go to her blog! Sorry short post! Bye!

Luv you all sooooo much!!!


corrina <3<3 


ALYSSA said...

hey corrina thx for understanding!
luv the new blog! it rocks

Jessica said...

Did Cassidy tell you that??!?!?!?!?!
To be honest, I am NOT a zebra print fan, but it looks uh, great on your blog!!!!!

Caitlyn said...

Hi! To your comment on my blog, I live in Melbourne Australia. Really? He's really errr...annoying. My friends are triplets i think they have a blog. I might have to ask them when they come over.
Luv you
P.s If you're wondering who this is, I'm Caitlyn from
I couldn't be bothered to sign in. Sorry