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   So, as most of you know it's Sunday. And last night i slept over my cousins house, again! Well, my dad left the Easter egg hunt without me so what was i supposed to do?!?!?! We stayed up till midnight talking, then in the morning we went to church. Yesterday, at the egg hunt i talked to Ozzy for the 1'ts time in like 4 months. We played tag, and he just wanted me to keep tagging him. THAT was awkward. Now me and Cassidy are watching Beatles cartoons in our basement. And now i want to give a shout out to Strawberry Cait Sunday! She is sooooo awesome! I'm sorry for not putting the hearts in, but i have NO idea how to do that! Weeeeell, adios!

Luv y'allllllll soooooo much!!!


Corrina <3<3

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♥Strawberry Cait Sundae♥ said...

OMG Hi! Your sleepover sounded like fun. I mean I'm such a chatterbox and I'm never allowed to talk all night to my cousin since our mums will tell us off to shush.

It's fine you don't have to put them ;)
It's the same way how you do this <3 but it only works on facebook for some reason...
Your soooooooooooooo awesome too! Oh yeah, and to your comment on my blog, yes I do have siblings! A younger bro(6), a twin bro and a older sis (19).