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Weekends/spring break

  Halla! It's at last Friday, yummy! RANDOM! Tomorrow is my church's Easter egg hunt, hooya! I hope i can help with snacks instead of crafts. Crafts are kinda boring, and we don't have games this year, poop. At harvest fest, for my church, there are games, i helped with the pencil pull. There were a bunch of guys who were just standing there, not even playing the games. And the worst thing was, they were talking to me! I met lots of interesting people, i didn't mind after a while. Their was this one kid, he told me he was on cross country, so on one of my breaks we just ran around in circles. He was nice, not like 'nice' but nice.

 Here is my schedule for this week:

Saturday: Easter egg hunt
Sunday: Family birthday party
Monday: S  B
  Tuesday: P   R
Wednesday:R   E
     Thursday: I     A
          Friday: N      K
          Saturday:G      !!!!!
Sunday: Easter/My birthday!!!

  So, that's my exiting week! Luv y'all!!!

Lot's of X's & O's


Corrina <3<3


↘Cassidy↙ said...

ya sicko!


haha you lucky fish! Have tons of fun! LOVE YOU TOOOOOOOOOOO! Thnax for being so insanely awesome! haha<3<3

Loulou said...

Aww! You birthday is so soon! Hope you get everything you wanted, and Ill be sure to make a special shout-out to you on my blog! You can be expecting a birthday post! Hope you have fun at the Easter egg hunt! LOVE YOU!

Jen in the Purple Pants said...

Have fun at the Easter egg hunt!!! And happy almost birthday!!!!