Note book readers ;)


I didn't get double piercing, i got triple!

  Hi hi! Tomorrow is my actual b-day!! And to Jessica's comment yes, i do want 6 holes in my head! I actually want 8! But i have to wait until i'm 13 to get the top done.

  I also got new Easter shoes!!! They are black high heals, they are gorgeous! I bought them for 20 bucks, on sale at pay-less. My mom said she never bought a pair of shoes more then $12, well she entered the world of tweenage girls! What's the most you gals have spent on shoes? My shoes woulda been $25, but they were on sale, i still have over 25 dollars. My dad says that i make more money then any other kid in my house. Yeah, Cassidy buys VERY expensive skinny jeans, i get hand-me-downs. Whenever my brothers come across money they spend it, i save. So yeah, i do make quite a bit of money, and lots of shoes. I keep them for like 3 years after i bought them. I still fit into my Christmas shoes from like 4 years ago, i have abnormally small feet. I can fit into size 3, but am more comfortable in size 6. But the 6's are really big. Yeah, i like toe room!!!

Lots of luvz and kisses<3


Corrina <3<3


shannon said...

Yay! more peircings! I can't wait to see!

Coralie Cederna Johnson said...


Jessica said...

I don't remember how much money I spent on my shoes. Partcially, because I got them oh, so long ago, and to be honest, I hate shopping, unless needed. But what I hate even more than that is high heels!!(Don't feel bad I hate skinny jeans tool!!)
Oh, since your birthday is tomarrow, I will have a birthday present!!! hahahahahahahah!!!!

♥Strawberry Cait Sundae♥ said...

Cool! My sister is going to this pro and she bought a dress which was like 300 bucks and a pair of 5 inch high heels. I f you try wearing it I swear you'll break your feet! Seriously, I nearly broke it from wearing it

Yo Katie! said...

omigosh Happy Birthday Corrina!!!!!!!!!!!! I'm totally with ya' on the whole 'saving' thing. i had like close to $50 bucks recently from saving over the year, spent $20 on my easter dress, shoes and two skirts. WAAAAAAAAAAA now i have like $20 somthing, time to start saving again! P.S. Tell cass the reason I haven't been calling is cuz i lost your number whooooopsie :(