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Moving struggles

  Hey, were not moving yet, no one who's seen it wants to buy it. But we have a showing on, um let me think, Sunday night? Don't know exactly, but it's this week. My parents are eating Jelly bellies. Yummmmmmmm.  Weeee. Oh, BTW, i got a new follower!!!! WOOP! Not quite sure what her name is, though. Ley something....... ANYWAYS, it is going to be sunnnny again all week!!!!!!!!!!!! HEAVEN HAS BLESSED US!!!! :) :) :) :) My 12'th b-day is in 360 days! YAYAYAYAYAYAYYAYAYYAAAAY! Oh gosh, i am a lunatic......... I have to resort to painting gold silhouettes of Chinese lady's on my finger nails. I'M NOT CHINESE PEOPLE, NOT CHINESE!!!! Sigh. Oh, another BTW, i've given up pig tails in favor of braids. Sooooo, yeah i now have two shiny brown-black braids, very thick. Did i tell you we are going to Florida in June? I don't believe i did. Weeeell, i am we are going to visit my Aunt June. She spoils me since my middle name is June, named after her. Weeeeeeeeeeeeeell, gotta go, i guess.

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Anonymous said...

Wow, I know you guys want to sell the house, but I don't want you guys to goooooooooo!!!!!!!!OOOOOOOO!!!!