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Dinner at the pastors house 2night

  Hiya!!!!!! 2night my family is going over our pastors (and bazillion kids) house for dinner. So, his wife makes the most AMAZING pizza in the entire world:) To bad, she can't eat pizza sauce neither can her son, Liam, or i think one of the younger daughters, Leisha or Lilia. Or was it the oldest, Lauren? I really have NO idea! But the pizza is what counts, right???? Last time we had them over, on Christmas. I guess they're returning the favor:) When they came over on Christmas me, Liam, and Cass played Band Hero. We made a band called the tin cans! Hahahaha! We kinda were high on ham, so i made up the name. The story is  really    wierd but i'll tell you! So at the 'older' kids table (me,Cass, Liam, and Lauren) we were just eating, and i was eating green bean casserole. I had to mention that it tasted like the tin can it came from, like come on! Who wouldn't mention that?? Well, back to my story. So i said the tin can was dancing in my mouth, so every one starts laughing hysterically! After that we go back down stairs to play more Band Hero, so i'm like guys why don't we name our band the Tin Cans? Cassidys all like so we can dance in peoples mouth! Yeah great idea!! So that's the story, hope you enjoyed!

All my luvin,


Corriina <3<3


T-WAC said...

Y'know, you guys should actually make a pand called the tin cans!
That would be hilarious!

shannon said...

Lol, cassidy told me about that!
high on Ham that is hilarious.
the Tin Cans...