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8/7 central!!

   Hellllllo! So as most of you know when commercials say what time a TV show is on they say 8/7 central? Well, i do that, too! yeah, nuthin' better then watching American idol at 8/7 central! You see, that's how i talk. I really annoy my mom by doing that, i just asked her if she would like to watch some TV show at 8/7 central, and she said no. But then i asked her if she wanted to watch the show at 8 she said maybe. So, i should really break this habit, do you think i should? Would it annoy you? I wouldn't care if someone asked me, i would either laugh say "hey, that's MY line," or walk away...... But i'm abnormal....... I like zebras....... I bought a shirt with zebras on it at TJMAXX, that's a pretty cool store....... And this week i got hooked on NUTELLA!!!! YUMMMMMMMMMMMMY! Tomorrow is my dress rehearsal for my recital, yay, my ankle still hurts. Whoopee (sarcasm alert)! well, keep your fingers crossed!

All my luv,


Corrina <3<3


Loulou said...

OMG I also do that! And people get really annoyed so I stopped and you should too. AND TJMAXX IS THE BEST STORE EVER!

♥Strawberry Cait Sundae♥ said...

COOL!!! :]