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I will continue to be me

  OK, so most of you don't know this, but some might, i am in a really confusing spot right now. We're maybe moving, maybe adopting Kristine, maybe i'm going insane, maybe this maybe that. My whole life is a bunch of maybes, and i might be lashing out on people i luv, and i'm sorry. I know plenty of mean people, which doesn't help me get through this with out being a total mood fest! So if i went crazy in any of my posts, i'm really sorry. And i'm sorry for anything else i did wrong, and on top of that my ankle still hurts. So pray for me, please? I am still luving all of you, but i might not act like it........ People try to put me down, fight, or just stop being me, but this won't happen, i promise. I will always be Corrina, and no one else.

All my luv,


Corrina <3<3


Be said...

Heloo! I adore your zebra blog, and your font. LOL. It's good that your striving to continue being yourself no matter what crazy things happen in your life, most poeple would freak out adn take it out on themselves, although I think that's bogus, because in trying times you might only have yourself to rely on and you'll need to be in tip-top condition in case that happens.


Cat :D said...

Loved this post :) Don't ever change yourself for other people, I did once, and I regret it now :/

♥Strawberry Cait Sundae♥ said...

WOOOOOOOOOOO! Go CORRINA! But you must be in a very annoying suituation :(