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An AMAZING mothers day weekend!

  Hey! This weekend was mothers day, happy mothers day! On Saturday Cassidy had a sleep over, so i had a sleep over with my mom. we watched Tangled, awesome movie! And we ate the most delicious candys in the world, pretzel M&M's, who knew! Then on Sunday we (of course) went to church, the worship was AWESOME! So after church me and Cass's friend Krista convinced her older sister to take us to the mall. We first went to this awesome smoothie place, called Fushion, Krista got a strawbery banna shake, Cass got orange creamsicle, and i got frozen hot chocolate. Amber, Kristas sister, searched every where for a Mountain Dew. Then we went to F.Y.E Krista wanted the new Jesse Mcartney album. After that we window shopped for a while, then we went to Aero Postale, to expensive! Then American Eagle, everthing was way to small for any of us, even Amber, the twig! Then, of course, we went to Clairs, i bought a polka dot flower hair clip and a zebra hair bow. No one else got anything that time around. Then we went to Forever 21, well me and Amber did. I helped her pick out a sweater and some sandals. Krista and Cass came back with a GIANT Clairs bag, oh no! Yes, they went besurk! Krista bought 41 bucks worth of stuff! ANd cass, only bought a five dollar rubber band that says Give peace a chance But Krista, she got a pair of fake glasses, fake nails, penguin friend ship neklaces, and penguin earings adding up to $41. Since no one but Amber had anything left of money, she took us out to McDonalds. I got a Mcdouble, small fry, large sweet tea, and fudge sundae. Cass got a veggie sandwich, a medium fry, value drink, and a McFlurry. Krista got 10 piece nugget, medium fry, medium drink, and McFlurry. And Amber got a McDouble and a Value drink. After we left we went back home, their parents wern't there. So Amber called them. They were at a movie and then they went out to dinner. So we watched TV and tried on Ambers prom dresses, for dinner they ate gold fish. It was finally time to drop off the Cass and Krista off at youth. Amber drove them and then me and Amber headed home. I helped her fold laundry then we ate MORE ice cream. So as you can see, i had an awesome mothers day!!!!

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Pretzel M&M's!! YUMMM!!!